Tracy Stevens


I am an awkward artist with BIG Dreams! That's me in a nutshell.


I realize it's not about me, it's about us and we have to do better with uplifting others. I am trying to empower people to wholeness as Isaiah 61:1-3 states. I know we've all been trials and tribulations, the different is that I share mine through my artwork/graphics. I keep my eyes to the sky and my aspirations turned high letting people know I went through darkness moved toward the light and telling my story.


My hopes are that my artwork, regardless of what form, helps people. Make them understand that there IS victory after this. That yesterday is in the past, today is temporary and tomorrow is a new beginning. Everything you see or hear isn't everyone's point of view and even though it looks its worst, it's preparing you for the best.


My humble beginnings…


In grade school, around 1st grade, we learned how waltz. A photo of me and my teacher actually ended up in the Baltimore Sun. a year after that, I learned to square dance and my sister started going to modern dance classes. In the 4th grade, Nikki Taylor, Marcia Wagner and myself were pulled out of class because we were ahead of the rest of our classmates and attend an art class. We learned how to paint with watercolors by painting a Christmas wreath and my painting ended up on a Hallmark card. That’s when I realized, I was an artist.


My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Wringenwroth was the turning point. I was in middle school and I had to go back to my elementary school for something. I don’t remember exactly what it was but, I ran into my kindergarten teacher. She recognized me and said she always knew that you were going to be a great artist. You drawings were always so much better than the other students. She told me to wait because she had something to give me. When she came back, she gave me 3 drawings I did when I was in her class. To me, they were just stickmen, to her they were master pieces.