Artist Statement


There are various forms of art and expression. I like to express myself by creating short informative clips, putting my emotions on canvas and making basic information eye-catching.


Sometimes people need an escape from their everyday lives. Through fine art, I use colors that invoke emotions and subject matters that match life experiences. Beautiful artwork can influence everyday life by making you feel joy right where you are.


I see graphics as the key that frees information. My designs promote events, clarify procedures and introduce or reintroduce your product(s) to your public via marketing materials. I also use my artistic graphic abilities to design eyepopping images that are creatively simple, yet effective.


Throughout life, I have run into some extraordinary people who have done extraordinary things. They have inspirational stories that would motivate others; they just need a platform to tell it.  By recording, editing and presenting these stories via YouTube, my hopes are that they inspire others. I want everyone to know that you are special, everybody hurts, it’s okay if you’re not perfect and everyone has an opinion. You don’t have to agree but at least you should listen.