Thank you for visiting Stray Ink. I would like to welcome you to my world of expression. On this site you will find destinct, one of a kind artistry. You will find my works of art on clothing, silk screened on t-shirts, sold as prints and original pieces. Feel free to browse, order, and/ or share with friends, family, and friends of family. You can find me on social media, Stray Ink LLC, Maryland State Arts Council's site, on, and the Baker Awards website. Have a great day! Remember to Stray Away from the Ordinary

Stray Ink


Stray Ink is a graphics and fine arts company that believes that everyone should own a piece of original artwork. With this in mind, we placed original artwork on everyday items so YOU, can become the original work of art. We also customize items so You Can Be Uniquely You.


Stray Away From the Ordinary


Tracy Stevens


I love nature and all its beauty. That's why I take photos and combine them graphically. I try to express what I see through painting. Art lets you do all of the above and allow people to see the world through my eyes. I believe you can take others on a voyage just by taking a photo and making it yours either by painting or graphically altering it. Art is giving yourself; opening up to others, creating something beautiful that will last throughout the years, leaving a legacy. Not being afraid to let people see you, I mean really see you.


My art is expression. An expression of how I feel, who I am, and who’s a part of me. My art work is my world and I invite everyone to step into it.